Operations Manager

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Austin, TX

Job description
Water District 17 (WCID 17) is a retail non-profit public utility that has been providing quality water and wastewater service to customers in the Lake Travis area for over 55 years.

We are now hiring an Operations Manager to plan, organize, review and direct the operation, maintenance, and repair of potable and wastewater systems, SCADA, water quality assurance, and conservation. You will report to the General Manager (GM).

The Operations Manager is a key member of the District's senior leadership team who directs and oversees the activities of the Operations Department, which includes Technical Services, Water Operations, Wastewater Operations, and Maintenance. You should have a successful track record as a program manager, project manager, utilities management experience as well as present strong leadership skills and be comfortable working at a strategic or hands on level. It is critical that you have the ability to provide ongoing development of subordinates to support succession initiatives and department staffing and training.

Are you as committed to excellence as we are?
Our elected Board of Directors, leadership team, and 70+ team members are committed to excellence as we provide our customers with reliable, high-quality water and wastewater services in a fiscally sustainable manner.
Education requirements
• Bachelor's degree from a fully accredited four-year college or university and advanced studies and/or certification in rural/urban planning, Engineering or related field.
• Suitable combination of work experience in lieu of the above would be considered.
Experience requirements
• 5 years’ experience in management, planning or engineering as Operations Manager, Program Manager, Department Head, or an equivalent position.
• Must possess a valid Class "C" driver's license with a good and acceptable driving record.
• Comprehensive knowledge of innovative and effective management techniques.
• Comprehensive knowledge of the principles, practices and methods of design, construction, operation, management and maintenance of modern water and wastewater systems.
• Working knowledge of federal and state guidelines regulating the water and wastewater industry.
• Maintain standards for technical excellence of all plant facilities and personnel.
• Ensure that all policies and procedures are in compliance with federal, state, and local laws and regulations.
• Keep the GM informed of changes in relevant rules and their implications for District's policies and procedures.
• Anticipate and provide recommendations for developing new programs and facilities, training needs and opportunities.
• Assist the GM in the development of annual budgets based on past performance and planned growth by reviewing operations to identify opportunities for efficiency and cost reduction.
• Coordinate with the GM to prepare reports and correspondence to federal, state and other agencies, customers and other parties in a timely manner.
• Maintain an inventory of District field/operations equipment and supplies.
• Manage assigned engineering projects; coordinate and adjusting the work effort within the project team to ensure project work is completed on schedule and within allocated budget. Direct and oversee QA/QC, develop project plans (including identification of staffing requirements and preparation/review of project schedule), track workload, and oversee project status report reviews.
• Act as the Lake Travis Regional Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Center Operations Manager.
• Coordinate quarterly collection events between multiple regional municipal participants to ensure the center is properly staffed, and trained IAW all relevant State and Federal requirements.
• Participate in municipal planning meetings as a representative of the District.
• Assist in the development of the annual HHW budget.
• Inspect all District operations to ensure that all facilities and services are in compliance with all regulatory agencies' guidelines.
• Advise the GM and when called upon, represent the GM, in regard to issues involving technical concerns and issues.
• Assist in preparation and review of plans for facilities, services, and construction to ensure compliance with District policies.
• Assist the GM with the review and implementation of safety procedures for District personnel.
• Monitor the annual performance review of all district employees under his/her purview; including the establishment of performance objectives, and recommendation/initiation of changes in responsibility and/or pay as merited.
• Supervise and evaluate the performance of the Field Supervisor, Major Assistants, and Operations Department Heads.
• Monitor employee performance and provide for the hearing and resolution of employee grievances or appeals of supervisors' decisions affecting employees.
• Oversee the training and education of employees in the proper techniques required to perform their functions, within budget constraints, to ensure that the utility will always be able to meet its responsibilities, to its customers and regulatory authorities. Make recommendations to the GM for program improvements as appropriate.
• Regularly visit work sites and ensure the proper, efficient and safe work habits of all employees.
• Develop and implement long-range plans.
• Organization skill in effectively directing and controlling the activities of a public organization.
• Negotiate complex agreements.
• Study and evaluate the actions of others.
• Maintain effective working relationships with supervisors and the general public.
• Strong verbal and written communication skills.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.